How to bake a fresh ham

How to bake a fresh ham

We basted in Coconut Oil. It is a safe oil that can take heating

After coconut oil, we rubbed the fresh ham with Holy Chipotle from It is especially recommended for Pork, Beans and Dips. This is the secret ingredient, making an amazing flavor.

I just poured some Holy Chipotle in my hand and rubbed it into the coconut oil. You can get some at

So many people use sugar. We eat paleo / primal so use a sweet fruit like pineapple to sweeten.

Looks like a pig to me. This is naturally raised at Date Creek Ranch.

The ham is 5 pounds. We baked 325º for 2.5 hours, removing the foil for the last 1/2 hour. We wanted an internal temp of 160º.

Tasty, moist, and delicious.

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