How to tape an ankle

How to tape an ankle

Taping does not completely eliminate ankle injuries. Taping strategies can reduce risk of ankle injuries by providing increased support and stability during athletic activities.

Athletes with a history of recurrent ankle injuries or prior ankle surgery should consult a qualified sports medicine provider.

Position the athlete's foot into neutral posture.

Be sure to have the athlete maintain a neutral ankle position through the duration of taping to reduce incidents of blisters or cuts from tape.

After spraying the ankle with adhesive spray position the heel and lace pads in areas of high friction.

Begin at the toes spiral the prewrap around the bottom of the foot continue up the leg ending just below the calf muscle.

Begin your first top anchor just below the calf muscle. Angle the tape roll slightly toward the foot, with moderate tension complete the anchor by wrapping around the leg ending at the starting point.

End of first top anchor.

After completing 2-3 top anchors complete one bottom anchor around the foot.

After completing the anchor strips. Begin the first of 3 overlapping stirrups. Stirrups should begin on the inside of the lower leg, pull the tape down the leg cupping the heel end outside leg.

After completing a minimum of 3 stirrups begin figure 8 or figure 4 strips. Start inside leg wrap under and around the front of the foot continue around the leg and end at the starting point.

Figure 8: Wrap around the front of the foot.

Figure 8: Pass behind and around the leg. Complete by ending at the starting point. Complete a min of 2 figure 8's or figure 4's.

Heel lock: begin front of the leg angle tape towards back edge of lateral malleolus (ankle bump).

Heel lock: cross over the achilles tendon scoop the inside of the heel continue under the foot.

Heel lock: wrap over the front of the foot.

Heel lock: Wrap around the leg to finish or continue for another heel lock. Complete a min of 2 heel locks on each side of the heel.

Close: close the exposed ends of supporting strips with anchors and horseshoes down the entire ankle ending at the foot.

Taping compete.

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