How to make your hoodie into a hidden headphone place

How to make your hoodie into a hidden headphone place

Warning! You will be cutting holes in the sweatshirt so use a sweatshirt you are comfortable with cutting into!

I already did this ahead of time but you will be making a few small incisions in the sweatshirt

First cut a hole in the pocket which you will be placing your device into

Next cut a hole coming from the same side as the pocket you cut into and then make a cut near the area that you will be pulling the headphone through, also make a cut in the roof part of the hood

Now, for my sweatshirt i had to cut two holes on the divisor line of the roof for the hood, if yours is one contiuous piece you do not have to do this

Next make two similar cuts, just like the ones we did earlier on the other side of the sweatshirt

Now, if yours came with a string like mine you will have to remove the string AND the two plastic pieces. If not make another two cuts where you want the headphones to appear

Now for the fun part, the headphones!

Begin by inserting the end that goes into your device into the pocket hole, and fish the other end, headphones and all up towards the hood

Put one headphone into the hole so that it pops out into the outer shell of the jacket, be sure to use the right headphone for the right side and the left headphone for the left side

This is what it should look like so far

Headphone popping out

Now start by putting the other headphone through the hole in the roof of the hood towards the other side to do this you will need to kind of rub/push the headphone through to move it

If u pushed the headphone half way through, this is what it should look like so far. Dont worry, we're almost finished!

Now push the headphone through all the way to the other side

Dont worry we're almost done!

This is what it should look like so far

Now push the other headphone through until it pops out the otherside and this is what it should look like!

Final product!

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a functional sweatshirt for everyday use wether commuting from work or just relaxing on a chilly day!

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