How to a cozy dinner

How to a cozy dinner

On a small jar mix vinegar, soy sauce, chopped onions, brown sugar, minced garlic, salt and pepper

Put half on top of a beef tenderloin...

Wrap the beef with bacon strips...

All over...

... Continue

When you finish, it might look like a braid...

Put the rest of the marinated on top, wrap the baking dish with film paper and put in the fridge for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, for the mash potatoes, put potatoes on salted water and bring to boil... For about 30 minutes. Once soft, mash the potatoes add butter, buttermilk, salt and pepper... Mix well

While potatoes are boiling, fill a bamboo steamer basket with green beans, cover them for 15 min and then you can sauté them on a pan with butter

Now, for the caramelized onions, put some small little red onions (ocañeras) with butter on a low fire, for 40 min

Bake beef tenderloin for 1 hr on a 260 C oven... Looks pretty good and your kitchen will small incredible!

Sauté green beans, mash-potatoes on top of caramelized onions and beef tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon

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