How to develop film

How to develop film

Presoak: 1minute Take off the developing tank cap and fill with tap water. Replace cap and agitate for 1 minute. Take off cap and pour water down the drain.

This is what the jug looks like

measure & pour 6oz developer. Replace cap , set timer for time. Agitate 1st 30 seconds, set tank down for 30 seconds, agitate for 5 seconds every 30 seconds until time's up. Pour developer down drain.

Take cap off, fill with tap water, replace cap. Agitate for 1 minute, dump and repeat.

Fill with 6oz of fixer, agitate first 30secs, set down for 30 sec then agitate for 5 sec until 8 minutes are up. Pour fixer back in jug

Fill up with tap water, agitate full minute dump down sink and repeat

Fill with hypo clear, agitate full 2 minutes, pour back in jug

Take the reel out of the tank, place in the clear tube. Turn water on and wait 5 minutes, take reel out.

Photoflo, place in jug labeled photoflo for 30 seconds, unroll the film, squeegee with fingers and hang in film dryer

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