How to create a weekly outfit planner

How to create a weekly outfit planner

Buy a hanging shoe storage "thingy" at any store. I got this one at Target (and look how stylish :O)

On your index cards, write out the 7 days of the week. My storage unit only has 6 spaces, so I combine Sat and Sun into "weekend plans". Be creative! :)

In each space of the unit, paper clip your cards to the sides. You could also staple them, but do not tape them (you'll be re-attaching the cards constantly)!

This is what it should look like!

Every Sunday, before you plan your outfits, check your local weather! It's going to be wet and chilly where I live this week so I will plan my outfits accordingly....

If you're still in school, like me, you likely have days where you need to bring a gym bag or instrument...

So you can fold an index card in half and write what you need to bring!

Put the cards in the days that you need to bring them!

All done! You could put the shoes you want to wear that day in there, too.

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