How to make rose water

How to make rose water

Start by removing the petals from your roses.

Rose water is best made using fresh roses - grocery store/floral shop roses are typically a few days old when they hit the store, and won't be as fragrant as possible.

Place the petals in a small pot and add just enough distilled water to cover them - you don't want to dilute the rose water.

Let the petals simmer (with a lid on) on the lowest stove setting until the colour has leached out entirely - this process took around 15 minutes for me, but be sure to check them often.

Strain the rose water to remove the petals, and store covered in a cool place. Enjoy!

You can use your rose water in many ways - as a skin and hair treatment, as well as a flavour for candy and other treats. You can check out my blog post for more info on the use of rose water. :)

Watch the video: How to make Rose Water DIY (December 2021).