How to 2 minute egg sammie's

How to 2 minute egg sammie's

Gather your ingredients... I like to use Ezekiel 4:9 English Muffins, Sliced cheddar cheese, Eggs, Canadian Bacon and butter.

This is the "key" to 2 minute egg Sammie's : The Pampered Chef Microwave Egg Maker. Put a dab of melted butter in each well, then add 1 egg to each.

On top of the raw egg, add 1 slice Canadian Bacon on each.

Now to top each off wi 1 slice of cheese.

Into the Microwave for 2 minutes. (*I do cover mine with a pice of paper towel to prevent any splattering/mess in my oven during cooking)

While the eggs are cooking, toast your English Muffin and butter.

Done to perfection in just 2 minutes, ready to be placed on muffin.

The egg easily slides right out of the egg maker onto your muffin with little to no mess.

Healthy Breakfast is ready, only 383 calories! The 2 minute Egg Sammie's ... Enjoy!

Watch the video: Two Minute Eggs (November 2021).