How to prepare & store sweet corn (& treat your dog)

How to prepare & store sweet corn (& treat your dog)

Ready to store in the refrigerator... Seal bag with a twist tie.

I dump the husks into my compost bin.

To husk, pull most of the silk along with greens.

Molly gets the small tip tops.

I always put SUGAR, not salt in the pot to cook cobs. Salt makes it tough. Sugar enhances its sweet flavor! (1-2 tsps)

Add water

Bring JUST to boil.... Then remove and cover. Do not boil.

Keep covered in hot water. Serve hot.

We picked up this handy corn butter-er. You press plastic piece to slide butter out.


Great summer meal from our garden! See my guide for how to make these Stuffed Zucchini Boats.

This bi-color corn, fresh from the garden, with butter and salt tastes wonderful!

We used to let Molly eat a warm stripped cob and she loves them but a vet warned us, (& I Googled it further)that corn cobs are dangerous potentially for obstructing their digestive tract!

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