How to create caviar nails

How to create caviar nails

This is the kit I'm using. $32.29


It comes with 4 base colours, 4 pearl colours, and all things you will need.

Take a small tray or the one provided and place on a flat surface.

Ciaté's Hologram

These are the pearls im using.

This is the base.

Essie's smokin' hot

Paint all nails one coat of your base.

Paint all other nails a second or even third coat. Keep your accent nail at one coat.

Paint your accent nail a second coat.

If you made it this far in the guide, comment: I'm loyal ;)

While nail is wet pour pearls over nail on tray

Press down gently.

Now once you're done you're left with this.

Place the funnel in the bottle.

Move all the pearls to the corner of the tray. BE CAREFUL! These are a disaster to clean up of the floor.

Pour into funnel slowly.

And now you're done! if you're gonna put a topcoat, just on the very tip. OTHERWISE WILL RUIN THE EFFECT.

For look for less, you can get microbeads from a craft store! These huge bottles are only $3.99 at Michaels!

Love you all :) Happy guiding!

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