How to create a sea turtle art

How to create a sea turtle art

Draw three hexagons on your page.

Draw two ovals around the three hexagons.

From the corner of each hexagon, draw a line to the edge of the inside oval.

Inside the two ovals, continue the lines from the shell. Add a line in between each. This will create the edge of the turtles shell.

At the top of the shell, draw a neck and a water drop shape. This will be the head.

On each side of the shell near the top, draw to large flippers.

Draw smaller flippers and a tail at the bottom of the shell if you have space.

Draw two ovals on each side of the head. These are the turtles eyes.

On all the flippers, tail and head, draw a variety of squarish shapes. These shapes will represent the leathery skin of the sea turtle.

Using your rubber, lightly erase the lines you havre drawn so that you can just see them.

Using a white oil pastel, go over ALL the lines you have drawn.

So it looks like this.

Using both your dark green and light green oil pastels, draw lines from the centre of the shapes on the shell so they look like fireworks.

Colour in the rectangle shapes on the edge of the shell with your yellow pastel.

Lightly go over the yellow with the brown pastel.

Colour in all the flippers, the tail and the head with black oil pastel.

Colour the eyes brown.

Using a paint brush and the blue ink, lightly paint over the top of your turtle and around it.

Watch the video: Painting Turtle Easy Watercolor Painting step by step Sea Turtle. Celebrating Biodiversity #6 (January 2022).