How to make polymer clay harry potter glasses.

How to make polymer clay harry potter glasses.

Roll out two balls of clay. A medium black one, and a small white one.

Roll out the black ball into a long, thin cylinder. Thin enough to look like glasses, but thick enough to be sturdy.

Roll one end up to make the frames and make them as big as you'd like them. Make a little mark so you know where to cut it, then unroll it.

Cut out two equal sized pieces.

Then roll them up and blend the ends together to finish off the frames.

Take a small piece of the cylinder for the bridge of the glasses and curve it.

Then flatten out the white ball. This will be for the tape on the bridge.

Stretch out the piece so it's longer like an actual piece of tape.

Then roll it around the bridge. Blend the curved bridge piece onto the frames.

Make more thin, black cylinders for the "temples"(parts that go behind your ears). Curve them similarly to the bridge so that the glasses will be able to stand.

Then bake and you're done! You may want to put props of aluminum foil under the temples so they won't fall over in the toaster/oven. (:

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