How to paint a color wheel using primary colors.

How to paint a color wheel using primary colors.

Begin with square paper. Any size will work. I'm using 12".

This series of folds is the same you would use for cutting snowflakes. 1/2, 1/2, 1/3

Tip: if you fold in half twice you can measure thirds of the long edge.

I measure 4 inches (1/3) of the 12 inch side and folded the opposite edge to it. Lastly I folded the other edge across to create 3 equal parts.

I printed, cut, and taped the center portion of a color wheel template for artist that struggle with folding proportions.

12 sections!

Label the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) lightly in pencil. There should be 3 spaces between each.

Add formulas between each set of adjacent primary colors. Leave 1 space between as shown. This helps the artist stay organized while allowing them to discover each new color in their own.

Begin by painting two of the primary colors in the labeled spaces. Rinse brush well between colors!

Mix a little of each color in the formula space. Add small amounts of the darker color to the lighter color until you reach a desired color. Not too red, not too blue:)

PURPLE! Add a little more red to the mixture and paint it next to red. A little more blue to the mixture next to blue. The artist has now created a secondary color and two Intermediate colors.

Repeat with other red and yellow. Yellow is very transparent! Add very small amounts of red or blue when mixing.

Oops! Too much red.

All done! Will use this color wheel in a creative way to make art.

Watch the video: primary colours primary and secondary colours. Tree painting (December 2021).