How to make easy mango ice pops

How to make easy mango ice pops

gather up supplies

start with one cut mango (check out my how to cut mango guide if you don't know already)

spoon out the mango cubes

add to your ice tray or cupcake tray

add 3 raspberrys to each pop

grab your mango (or orange juice or water)

pour into each pop

cut the skewers with scissors then add then to each pop or use toothpicks

went back and decided to add plastic wrap tightly around the tray so it can be secure and won't spill and hold up the toothpicks

put a toothpick in all the middles of the pops

put them in your freezer for about 8 hours

take them out of the freezer and voila! mango ice pops !

you can also chop it up into decorative ice and add mango juice

how it looks after mango juice is added (tastes even better!)

enjoy! & thank you guys for checking out my Snapguide!

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