How to cook 5 minute chocolate mug cake! mmmmmm!

How to cook 5 minute chocolate mug cake! mmmmmm!

5 minutes is the maximum time for the whole process from start to cooked! You can make it in the adverts if you're quick!

Gather your ingredients. I have no chocolate chips so am going to stick a few blueberries in! I am also using Options 'Chocolate Cherry' flavour. Forgot to put the EGG in this photo you need that!

I find the 'Indulgence' varieties of hot choc better as there is more chocolate in them. The normal sachets aren't big enough. Fudge Brownie is my fave!

Choose a mug big enough- I have put the hot chocolate in the photo so you can get an idea of size!

Add the dry ingredients & MIX! This is the size of tablespoon- level (sorry it's blurry- taking a 1 handed photo with an iPad is hard & I had to press it with my nose!)

Add the egg & MIX! It will be a fairly smooth paste but don't worry too much at this stage.

Add milk & oil & MIX! (I only used 3 tablespoons of this type of oil as its quite thick). It will be like a yummy chocolate goo. You can lick the spoon if you want...

This is where the experimental bit comes in. Put it in the microwave on full power for about 2 minutes. BUT it depends on the size of your mug & the wattage of your microwave (mine is 800w)

The first time I left it in too long & the cake was too dry. The secret is to watch for it rising to the top of the mug & give it a few seconds more...

I try and stop it 20 seconds or so too soon cos then there is loads of gooey hot chocolate left in the bottom that you can spoon over the cake!... Here goes...

Sorry this photo did NOT work! Ha! It was meant to show the cake just sneakily rising over the rim of the mug. I left it another 5secs or so after this point. Again this stage is just trial & error!

Tip into a bowl and pour gooey chocolate over the top... Oh My God!!! How amazing does that look?!! Go eat it!... X

Watch the video: 2 Minute Microwave Brownies in a Mug! (December 2021).