How to make icing freesia flowers

How to make icing freesia flowers

Roll out some sugar paste into 3 little buds and put onto some wire

Put two stamens together and fold in half, attatch to wire with tape

Do this 3 times

Cut out two freesias with the cutter, with one with a lump in the middle

Glue them together with edible glue

Thread through onto the stamen

Fold the petals in while hanging upside down

Do this 3 times and leave to dry upside down

Colour them with a lustre dust colour of your choice

Colour the bottoms with green lustre

Start taping the buds onto the florists wire

Then add on the flowers

Keep putting the flowers on with the tape

Colour variations

My favourite :3

Watch the video: Royal Icing Flowers u0026 Leaves for Beginners (December 2021).