How to make an old dresser look like new!

How to make an old dresser look like new!

Start by removing all the hardware. I decided to keep my old handles for a more vintage look!

I spray painted them silver with this paint from Ace.

Then sand the dresser. This step is optional but I recommend because it will make painting it a lot easier! (Sorry about my nails I need to re paint them!)

This is the dresser with the drawers removed. Pretty ugly huh?

This is the paint color I chose it's called Franklin lakes from Benjamin Moore

This was the first coat I didn't have a paint roller so I had to improvise!

Here's the drawers!

I painted two coats then touched up

So I let it dry over night re installed the hardware and there you have it! I really like it even though the bottom drawer is broken.

Thanks for looking through my guide if you want more diys please comment and tell me what you want me to do! Thx&loveya

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