How to feminize a tie in 10 ways!

How to feminize a tie in 10 ways!

Pick a tie that most men would never wear. Today's selection is a red leather skinny number with an embroidered golfer mid-swing. Wonderfully ridiculous, huh?

Put your hair down, girl. Let it flow in the breeze!

Call out them eyes with some liner. Meowie!

Painted nails are a plus! Mine might need a new coat of polish, but you get the idea....

Cute caps sleeves! Boys would never!

Add feminine color accessories, like this fuchsia watch.

Heels, ladies, heels!

Sparkle it out with a glittery knit.

Repeat your tie's color in another element of your outfit. And of course, pom poms are always a plus! Ola!

For the ultimate juxtaposition, add a skirt!

Bonus: If you tie up your Tuesdays regularly, other people will join and maybe even start giving you ties!

Here's one I augmented for last year's Valentines Tuesday. Yep, I've been at it for a while! Ok, go out and spread the Tie Tuesday love!

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