How to make tasty sweet chili,crunchy chicken wraps!

How to make tasty sweet chili,crunchy chicken wraps!

The Ingredients

Spices (choose your own favourites) :)

Slice your chicken breast

Add ground black pepper.

Add an extra spices and flavours you choose and mix in.

Beat 1 egg.

Add some corn flour to your bowl.

Next dip your chicken into the egg, making sure it is fully covered.

Next: dip the chicken into the corn flour and cover completely.

Simple :)

Place your chicken into the hot oil. Make sure the the oil is enough to cover the chicken. Cook for about 7-9 minutes. If using a fryer, set the heat to 170•c.

Add your cheese slices to the tortilla wrap. I choose Mexican spicy cheese. Amazing from Iceland.

The chicken should be brown and crunchy. Ignore the mushrooms! My mum added them to the oil. Don't forget to put a knife through the middle and check the chicken is all white. !!!

Grill the cheese tortilla for about 1 minute.

Add some salad ...

Dried onions (worth buying for an extra crunch!)

Add some chopped jalapeño peppers :)

Add 2-3 crunchy pieces of chicken and as much sweet chilli sauce as you like!

Serve on it's own as a snack or.....

With Chips and coleslaw for Dinner :)

Watch the video: 5 Minute Buffalo Chicken Wraps (November 2021).