How to make breaded chicken

How to make breaded chicken

Use a meat tenderizer to flatten your meat .

When you're done tenderizing your meat ... Place your flour, egg and bread crumb in separate bowls ... Arrange them in the order you dip (1) flour (2) egg (3) bread crumbs.

All purpose flour (if you like you can add your seasoning to flour. I normally season chicken first)

When dipping chicken in to flour be sure to shake off the excess.

Beat eggs. Add EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or melted butter to make eggs thin.

You can use any type of bread crumbs. I normally use Italian bread crumbs but if you are using plain bread crumbs, add your seasoning of choice to give it flavor.

I added paprika , garlic salt , parsley , seasoning salt.

Put a thin layer of oil at the bottom of frying pan. Cook on medium heat. Don't want to cook the meat to fast. That will cook the out side to quick and the inside not done.

Cook on each side till the bread is nicely cooked and brown l cut the middle to ensure its cooked all the way through.

My plate consist of potato fritter with gravy , breaded chicken and veggies.

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