How to make a fish tail bracelet

How to make a fish tail bracelet

Choose 4 different colors of embroidery thread I picked blue green yellow and pink

Cut the thread to about 3 feet and 5 inches

Fold the thread make sure the ends are the same length and don't cut the loop at the top

Take the loop at the top and make a knot

Now take the safety pin and poke it through the knot then safety pin it to some thing like a pillow or you bed

After safety pining it to something Separate the colors one of each color on one side and make them the same color order on both sides

Take your first color on any side and bring it over the other colors and put it behind your last color on the other side

Now do the same for the other side

Keep doing that with every thread and every time you think it's loose pull on both sides to make it tighter

Once you get to the length you want take the both sides at the end and tie it in to a knot

Now take any sides of the thread and stick it through the loop and tie a knot with both sides

Then cut off the long threads and now you have a fishtail bracelet

Watch the video: How to make a fishtail bracelet with a mini loom with bands (November 2021).