How to decorate sun cupcakes

How to decorate sun cupcakes

Start with desired amount of cooled Plain Vanilla Cupcakes

Scoop out 3 large spoonfuls of Betty Crocker's Vanilla icing into a bowl

Add 3 drops of yellow food dye to the bowl of icing

Mix in the yellow food dye until its one consistent colour

Cut the sour straps into triangles, around 1cm in length

Spread the yellow icing on the cupcake until smooth with a knife

Squeeze the black gel writing icing to make sunglasses for Mr. Sun and also the same with the red gel writing icing to create his smile

Place the triangular sour straps around the circumference of the cupcake.

Repeat until full.

Insert the toothpicks under the triangular sour straps to keep them raised.


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