How to decorate a cupcake as a pirate

How to decorate a cupcake as a pirate

Prepare a cupcake.

Break the amount of royal icing you will need off the block.

Mould the icing in your hand to make it soft and flexible.

Using a rolling pin flatten the royal icing out quite thin. Tip: scatter icing sugar across the bench space you are using to ensure the icing won't get stuck to the surface.

After rolling the icing out grab your cookie cutter, place it on top of the icing and press down to cut your shape.

Tip: To fasten up the process when decorating multiple cupcakes, cut a few shapes out at a time.

Remove the shape from the remaining icing.

Place the icing on to the cupcake, lightly pressing it down and moulding it around the edges.

Break off the amount of red royal icing you will need.

Repeat step 3, but with the red icing.

Repeat step 4.

Repeat step 5.

Using a sharp knife cut out a bandana shape (similar to a moon shape).

Place the bandana down onto the white icing using a small amount of water on the bottom to help the two shapes stick together.

Cut 2 long, thin triangles out of the scraps of red icing you used to make the bandana, and place these to one side of the shape.

Using the white writing icing squeeze a small amount out of the tube to make an eye. After this you will create a pattern on the bandana. (I did spots and cross bones).

Take the black writing icing and draw on a smile, the pupil of the eye and also an eyepatch.

Enjoy your end product! Tip: before applying the writing icing decorations, spread a small amount of water with the tip of your finger over the icing. This will give the cupcake a glossy finish.

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