How to bake apple honey cake

How to bake apple honey cake

Prepare the mould. Spray with a neutral vegetable oil and finish with fluor

2 sweet apples


And dice

Here i am using coconut sugar.... Low glycemic index

Mix the eggs and sugar until light yellow and fluffy. Add honey.

Wonderful honey from Crete

The eggs + sugar. Add the honey

Cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, & salt

& flour. Put all the dry ingredients together


Coffee room temperature

To the egg mix fold in (alternating) coffee, flour & melted butter. mix. Until smooth

Add diced apples

Put in the prepared cake mould. Cook 1:10 hr in a preheated oven 170 C degrees. (Time of cooking can vary According to your oven)

Fill the mould 3/4

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