How to tone arms in 10-minutes

How to tone arms in 10-minutes

Complete each exercise for 1-minute unless otherwise directed. For a longer workout, complete each exercise, then take a one minute break and do it all again. Complete three sets, total.

Inverted Push-Ups: Place the tops of your feet on the edge to middle of a chair and get into plank position with the body straight. Complete as many push-ups as possible in 1-minute.

Lunge Row Part I: Stand with feet hip width apart and a resistance band evenly under the right foot. Hold the ends of the band in each hand.

Lunge Row Part II: Lunge back with the left foot. Be sure not to extend the right knee beyond the toes. Bend elbows and lift fits towards the shoulders. Return to starting and alternate after 1-minute

Chair-Ups: Get you chair ad place palms on the edge with elbows back and fingers folded over the front. Extend legs out. Bend the arms and lower to almost touching the ground then rise back up

Warrior 3: Start with feet hip width apart and hands straight above the head be sure hands do not touch, that's cheating. Lower the body and lift the right leg back to form a "T". Hold for 1-minute.

Plank Turns Part I: Start in plank position with arms straight below shoulders, bum up, and back straight. Rotate your body so all your weight is on the left arm.

Plank Turns Part II: Advanced, stack feet, intermediate, keep one foot directly in front of the other. Hold, then alternate to the right arm. Continue for 1-minute.

Cobra Push-Ups: Get into push-up position but place arms at your side with forearms resting on the ground. Slowly push up so arms are straight, lower back so elbows are a few inches off the ground

Curtesy Curls Part I: 2 for the price of 1! Start with resistance band under the left foot and held in the right hand. Feet should be shoulder width apart.

Curtsy Curl Part II: Lunge back with the right leg so it extends back and to the outside of the foot. Curl the arm upwards then return to starting. Continue for 1-minute before alternating sides.

Intermediate Chest Press Part I: Either place the resistance band under your shoulders and held in each hand, or wrap around the body to stop it from moving. Hold band evenly in each hand.

Intermediate Chest Press Part II: Slowly straighten the arms and raise hands over the shoulders. Hold, then lower back to starting. Continue for 1-minute.

Advanced Chest Press Part I: Complete the intermediate chest press, but in the bridge position. Be sure to keep the bum lifted and neck relaxed. Continue for 1-minute.

Well done! To intensify your 10-minute workout, do this routine twice more with a one minute break between each circuit. For more health and fitness tips, visit

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