How to make soft cookies with chocolate and marzipan

How to make soft cookies with chocolate and marzipan

Preheat the oven at 190 degrees. This recipe is approximately for 35 biscuits.

Supplies needed

Add sugar and butter in a bowl.

Stir them until mixed.

Add the eggs.

Stir until the mixture become smooth.

In another bowl sift the flour, the baking powder and the salt. Add this to the previous mixture.

Stir until mixed.

Now we need the chocolate. I prefer to use different type of chocolate. It's up to you how much chocolate you'll use!!!

Cut them into small pieces on a cutting board! Do the same with the marzipan.

Add the chopped chocolate and marzipan into the mixture. Stir until mixed.

With two spoons put small quantity of the mixture on a cooking silicon. It's important to leave gaps between them.

Cook for 10-12 minutes at 190 degrees. If you want them crispy cook for some more minutes but have an eye on them.

Enjoy them with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee! They are delicious :-)

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