How to make deep-fried cheese & chicken bits

How to make deep-fried cheese & chicken bits

Cut up chicken into little "cubes", same with the cheese. Only use cheese that actually contains milk ingredients! (Like Gouda, Eidam...) No radioactive north american cheddar! Seriously.

I like to grind up some french bread that dried out, it can last for months without getting mould and be handy when you need crumbs!

This can get really messy, so I had my Schnoodle vaccum Muffy ready to clean up all the crumbs on the floor :)

Whisk some eggs in a bowl. I will be breading the cheese in breadcrumbs and the chicken in crushed corn flakes to give it a different taste and texture.

Cover the cheese cubes in flour, shake off excess flour and throw them in your egg bowl.

Give them a good bath, make sure they're covered all over. Now throw them in the breadcrumbs!

Roll them around to get them evenly covered. I like to repeat egg and crumbs again (not flour, it's only for the egg to bond with the cheese) cause it likes to leak in the fryer!

Repeat same steps with the chicken, breading it in corn flakes. Make sure you put salt on the chicken before you put it in flour. Chicken only needs one coat :) All ready to get fried!

I'm making mashed potatoes. Put some butter and milk in to make them irresistibly creamy! (Even better if you have whipping cream.)

All done! Serve with whatever your tummy desires! (I was too lazy and had the cheese with mayo and chicken with ketchup, oh well...) Enjoy! :)

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