How to make paper flowers from paper condiment cups

How to make paper flowers from paper condiment cups

This is a simple and cheap way to embellish a card, scrapbook page, album, or picture frame. Find unused soufflé paper cups. Same ones that you'll find at fast food restaurants.

You can find cheap pastel sticks at hobby stores or use watercolor paint.

Flatten the cups. You can decide if you want a big layered flower. Totally up to you how many cups you want to use per flower. You can stretch the cups all the way. I did mine in small, med, lrg.

Pick a color of your choice and start painting. If you are using pastel sticks, you can make it darker or lighter.

Activate the pastel with water until you achieve the right color.

I used a heating gun to dry it quicker. Or let it dry on its own.

This is what it looks like when it's dry. Stack them up and glue on top of each other.

A button for the center.

I added beads to this one.

A fabric flower for the center.

You can add anything you want to the center of the flowers.

Here it is different colors.

This is the scrapbook hybrid page I made using these flowers. Thanks for looking. I love making my own flower embellishments so I will add more tutorial soon.

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