How to make crispy top jalepeno boats

How to make crispy top jalepeno boats

First cook the bacon! I use an electric griddle but you can do whatever method you prefer.

Find nice big jalapeños - these are from my garden!!

Use a piece of tinfoil to cover the cookie sheet.

I like to rinse the jalapeños to make sure all the seeds are gone. If you like it spicier you could skip this step.

Place them all on the pan.

Preheat the oven to 375.

You could use whatever cheese you prefer - but these make an incredible taste!! My favorite !!

Place all cheese in the bowl.

Mash together cheese with a fork- this is easiest if the cream cheese in room temperature.

Your bacon is probably done and smelling great !


Mix in with your cheese blend.

Once it is all mixed - take a spoonful.

Put it into the middle of your jalepeno boats.

Fill them all up until you have no more cheese mixture.


Add oregano - fresh or dried - whatever you fancy : )

Dump on top - I place them close together on the pan so I can just sprinkle an even layer.

After I press the topping down with my finger.

They are all ready to cook !

Place them in the oven for 25 minutes!

Once they begin to brown on top they are done!

Share with friends! Hope you enjoy them.

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