How to bake apple pie from scratch

How to bake apple pie from scratch

Gather the ingredients

First, peel all 8 apples. We use a mix of sweet and tart apples

This is how thin we cut ours! The thinner the better

All sliced!

Grease the pie plate with crisco & set aside

Sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl

Next, dump the dry ingredients onto the counter. Make sure it's clean first!

Then make it into a well

Next, add 4 tbsp crisco and one egg

It will be necessary to slowly add a little bit of water to the dough to prevent it from being too dry and not mixing. If it becomes too wet/sticky, add flour. This dough will be slightly sticky.

Ball the dough and keep the area lightly floured

Cut the dough in half, make both halves into dough balls, and set aside

Roll out one ball of dough until it's thin. ***Keep the rolling pin and area well floured***

Preheat the oven to 350°F

Take a knife and tap the bottom of the crust. This prevents it from being gooey when it cooks!

Bake the bottom crust for 3-5 mins. Don't let it brown

This is what it looks like after it comes out of the oven

Next, sprinkle enough cinnamon sugar to cover the bottom of the pie

Put the 3 pats of butter on top

Layer the sliced apples

Coat them in cinnamon sugar

Repeat until pie is filled. The apples will shrink/cook down so make sure it's a heaping pile!

This is what it looks like finished

Repeat rollout process

Cover the pie and press the fork around the edges again. Remove excess dough

There will be dough left over from both dough balls. We used the excess to make apple turnovers!

Make a small cut with the knife on the top to allow steam to leave the pie. It also looks fabulous

Put the pie on a cookie sheet and wrap the edges in aluminum foil. This prevents the edges from burning.

Put in the oven to bake for 1 hour. Take the foil off when the center crust starts to brown.

Eat and enjoy!

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