How to decoupage comic books onto a custom vinyl toy

How to decoupage comic books onto a custom vinyl toy

First you will need to gather your supplies: blank vinyl toy, scissors, mod Podge glue, old comic books, primer (optional), acrylic paint (optional)

Before painting or glueing anything on your toy it's a good idea to clean it in warm water and a little bit of soap to wash off any dirt or oils from handling

If you are planning on giving the toy a base color, first use primer so your paint will stick better and give it a nice finish

While you wait for the primer to dry, begin to cut out the pieces you will be glueing to the toy

After the primer has completely dried begin painting! For this particular one it took 3 coats to get the blue paint to a nice solid look

Start sticking on your images pressing down firmly so no air bubbles will form. Once you have it looking the way you like it. Let it dry for 20-30 minutes. As the glue dries the white stuff disappears

Once the first coat of glue has dried add a second coat on top of everything. This will seal it all in and add some protection

The final product! Sometimes the glue will be sticky after it dries up. If this happens you can use a paint sealant to get a smoother finish.

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