How to draw a full body (woman)

How to draw a full body (woman)

hi there :) i'm going to show you an easy way to draw a person (woman) full body. i always suck at drawing until i found these steps.

this is all that you need !

first, draw ten lines with about an inch between each line. like this...

it doesn't have to be neat and don't make it too thick because it's just a guide line.

second, draw nine heads on the middle of the lines, like this....

at this point you might be a little confused about what the head is for :D don't worry, it's just a guide line that will help you get the proportions of the body right :)

let me show you how to draw the heads.

name the heads.

add some other guide lines.

it HAS TO BE like this. otherwise you won't get the right proportions.

these are the other guidelines: neck and shoulder at upper third of head 2. the line between 2nd and 3rd head is the apex. lower sixth of head 3 is elbow. line between head 3 and 4 is the waist.

lower third of head 4 is the hips. line between head 4 and 5 is wrist and groin. half of head 5 is the hands. line between head 6 and 7 is knees. line between head 8 and 9 is ankle.

i know it's a bit confusing :D i suggest you to just follow the photo than to read the text haha

lets draw !

last guide line! legs !

add some curves ! neck, torso and groin. this step is different with guide lines. NEVER draw straight lines in this step. straight lines will make your drawings look unnatural.


last part :) hands !

final touch with drawing pens and erase all guide lines.

voila! :)

i hope this is usefull :) and remember guys, practice makes perfect! keep practicing with the guide lines and i'm sure you'll be able to do it without guidelines in no time!

the guide lines are just to make you get used to the proportions and shape. if you practice again and again, you won't need it anymore :) enjoy!

see you on the next guide! keep practicing :)

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