How to cook portugese egg tarts with michel

How to cook portugese egg tarts with michel

Who said these were hard to make? The most crispy, crunchy, mildly sweet dessert you could ever ask for and this easy recipe is sure to please.. Listen to that crunch!!

So if you want to make your own pastry go ahead, I'm going the lazy option thanks. Puff pastry on the table to thaw. Softer dough, easier to roll later.

Gather your ingredients. I originally was going to add sliced, roasted almonds on top but I forgot. So it's up to you if you want to use them or not. I think with almonds it's more delicious.

600 ml of fresh cream. 35% fat is ideal. You can use thickened cream, full cream, heavy cream. It comes with many names but it's all going to make you fat. So enjoy it!

400 ml of fresh milk. Please don't use long life or UHT milk.

6 tablespoons of fine caster sugar. Some experts say to use fine or icing sugar but I'm not an expert so just use caster sugar. It's all going to melt once cooked. Just my theory lol.

12 egg yolks and one whole egg with whites. Don't throw away the other egg whites, you can get all healthy and punish yourself with a plain egg white omelette the morning after you indulge in these ..

Morning after preparation ready to go! I didn't end up punishing myself actually. I made the best spinach and feta pies with egg whites. Want that recipe? Share the love, hit the like button ;)

Culinary experts ask you to do the custard a step at a time to make it sound complicated and laa dee daaa. Not here! Everything in one pot and get ready to fire up the stove. Next part is important!

Before you turn on the fire, please make sure you have a whisk ready! You're arms, hands and wrists are gonna get an intense exercising for a few solid minutes.

This part is SO crucial to getting the perfect lump free, curdle free, skinless custard.. I've dedicated 3 entire slides just for it. Your stove temperature must be low to medium or mid sized stove.

This is my low fire on my medium gas nozzle on a gas stove top. Sorry if it's a bit hard to see, but basically don't make it too big.

Here it is again with the pot on it. See how the fire ends just spread a small distance across the pot. That's just nice. If you don't understand, buy me an air ticket I'll come show you. :D

All the ingredients (except the vanilla) in the pot. Stir around and around, clockwise and anticlockwise, whatever you do just don't stop! Don't blame me if you make scrambled eggs.

You'll see bubbling everywhere and your custard changing colour and coming together nicely. And yes it takes quite a while to thicken up but I promise you it'll be worth the effort. Keep stirring..

Right at the end, just as your custard thickens and you've turned off the stove, add 4 teaspoons of vanilla essence.

Now to stop the custard from cooking further, we just put the burning hot pot into another pot of cold water. Hey! No one said you can stop stirring... Hahaha. Ok ok kidding. Stop now :)

It should be thick, a little gooey and shiny. Did you wash your hands???? If you did, go on.. Have a lick! It's sooo delicious.

Here's the fun part. If you just had a lick of the custard, wash you hands again. So we want to overlap a few sheets of puff pastry. Keep the plastic on the first sheet.

Just like so.. What we want is a large roll of multi layer puff. You can do it anyway you like. Just use 4 sheets for each set. And you can experiment to your hearts desire..

Fold in half, fold again, roll, press, fold, roll until you have a pastry log.

That's 2 sheets.. Wasn't that fun!! Now that you've rolled 2 sheets, let's wrap it in another and another. You can actually just use 1 sheet at a time. But we want to be fancy shmancy!!

3rd layer of a pastry all wrapped up. Please do take off the plastic as you're rolling. I can't imagine the taste of burnt plastic egg tarts.

Stay with me now.. Just one more time. 4 sheets all rolled into one. You need 2 pastry logs. Repeat dough steps. Can I get a woot woot!!

I don't like the look of the ends, so I cut them off, but don't throw them away, you can repair broken pastry with them later, if you have clumsy fingers like me. ;)

Cut the pastry into 1cm pieces. Don't worry if they're not exactly the same. That's the fun of pastry. You can have the big piece and give the small ones to the kids.

New Apple logo! iOS 8 is getting a new look and feel and this should be their new logo! Cool, hey?? So any roundish shape will do. Again doesn't have to be perfect.

See here I forgot to spray my muffin trays with oil and later in the guide I will pay the price! Spray the muffin tins with a little oil.

I was just experimenting with the cookie cutter and made little supporting plates for mine. It's entirely up to you. Just make sure your pastry goes right to the top of the muffin tray.

Like this.. Even a little over is ok.

In my second tray, I sprayed oil. But please make sure ALL your trays are lightly sprayed with oil. Whoever tells you "it's non stick" is a total liar lol.

You can double pastry and get all creative. This will be your excuse to say "oh I didn't try that one, it looks different! I better have a taste!!" ;)

Roll it all out..

Press the pastry into the tin..

Fill the pastry cups 3/4 of the way up. By now your custard mix should be cool enough to use. Remember we put it in a cold water bath earlier. That helps us work a lot faster. :)

So you're wondering why you're seeing my beef and vegetable lunch in my pastry. Well I ran out of custard and I had 4 extra pastry cups. This just shows that you can put anything in your pastry.

Cook these last unless you want spicy beef flavoured egg tarts.

180 degrees Celsius on a fan forced oven or 200 without a fan. Bake for 30 minutes. Just check on them after 25 minutes. Once the egg rises and creates a dark skin, they're done!

They'll start to rise... Excited!!

Have a taste of the beef vegetable pastry in between bakes ;)

Once you're happy with the look of your tarts, turn off the oven, open the oven door a little and just keep them in there for a few minutes.

Remember, we don't want the tarts all browned. They should look something like this. Like a spotted leopard.

Get on the phone to your best friend, forget the beef and veg pastry in the oven and you will end up with charcoaled beef! Lol.

This is what happens if you handle hot egg tarts. You fumble and drop them right on the cooling tray. Place the cooked egg tarts on the cooling tray immediately to avoid soggy pastry.

The egg does fall back down, this is meant to happen. If you want them to stay big like a mushroom, you'll need to add corn flour and beat the egg slowly. Too complicated! These are just as delicious

Enjoy! Like, share and spread the love. Again, thank you for your continued support..

Aren't they just adorable?? Shiny, delicious "Michelese Egg Tarts"! And that solves the ownership problem. Not Portuguese, Taiwanese or any other "ese". Michelese Egg Tarts! Tadaaaa!

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