How to cook eggs with turkey bacon and baby portobello

How to cook eggs with turkey bacon and baby portobello

Cut the bacon into slices

Add the bacon to the pan and cook until nice and brown.

Wail the bacon is cooking wash off the mushrooms.

Cut the mushrooms into slices. Once the bacon is done cooking put it in a bowl and then cook the mushrooms in the same pan until they are slightly wilted.

Take three eggs and whisk them in a bowl.

Add water, salt and pepper to the eggs. The water helps make the eggs fluffy.

Once the mushrooms are done cooking put them in a bowl and let the pan cool down. Once the pan is cool put the butter in the pan and melt it. Make sure there is not to much butter.

Put the eggs on medium high heat and put the lid on the pan for three minuets. After the three minuets add the mushrooms bacon and cheese. Then put the lid back on.

Cook the eggs until they get nice and fluffy and pull away from the edge of the pan. I got a bit carried away when cooking and ate it before I could get a picture lol. Don't forget to toast the

Bread and put it in the side. Enjoy!!

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