How to cook shrimp & scallop alfredo fettuccine (easy)

How to cook shrimp & scallop alfredo fettuccine (easy)

Shrimp! Cooked/Uncooked | Rinse thoroughly

Scallops! Rinse thoroughly

Fettuccine & Alfredo Sauce

1/2 cup of water will be used for your seafood.

2 tablespoons of butter. (Max 2.5 tbs) We have to remain healthy!

Desired seasonings

Begin cooking your fettuccine. Follow the directions given on package for best results.

Melt butter down in 10-inch pan.

Add scallops and desired seasoning to pan on medium/high heat

Add water. This step allows your food to simmer in the seasons you have added and truly soaks up the flavor.

Stir occasionally, until slightly cooked

Don't forget to stir your noodles

Add shrimp to pan during last five minutes of cooking

After shrimp and scallops are done cooking drain the juices into a bowl, leaving a little remaining in the pan

Keep some juice in the pan to keep the original flavor present after adding Alfredo

Add Alfredo sauce.

Mix thoroughly.

Add more original juice to give Alfredo sauce a signature kick. If your sauce becomes too salty simply add a little water.

Mix thoroughly

Strain Noodles

Mix Alfredo sauce and noodles

Serve with veggies, crackers, & cheese for a light healthy dinner! Enjoy guys! Muffin's Kitchen

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