How to make amazing wiener schnitzel

How to make amazing wiener schnitzel

Place each pork loin between 2 lengths of cling film

Use a mallet to flatten each loin. Hit from the centre to the outside. Take your time and don't hit too hard

It will be ready when each loin is about twice it's original size. Each should be about 0.25cm thick

Add the goose fat to the pan (Lard is traditional) and heat until very hot

Line up plates that contain flour (with added salt and pepper), beaten eggs, and bread crumbs

Dredge each loin in flour and shake off excess. Then dip in the egg and then the breadcrumbs. Don't press the breadcrumbs to the loins - they should just cling as this will give a light crisp texture

Add the loins to the hot fat and cool for 3-4 on each side until golden brown

Once each loin is cooked, put on kitchen paper and allow some if the excess oil to drain. The loins can be kept warm in an oven until all are cooked

Served here with rosemary potatoes, peas and apple sauce. Delicious!!! Enjoy :-)

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