How to re-tape the blade of your hockey stick

How to re-tape the blade of your hockey stick

First get your stick, tape, scissors, and wax, If you want.

Get a piece of tape and cover the bottom or the blade.

Start at the heal of the stick and wrap the tape around the top.

Make sure the each edge of the tape Is limbed up with the middle of the strip from the last wrap around.

Before you reach the end of the toe cut the tape so that you have about that much left.

Then, cut individual strips a little longer the the toe itself. Place them just like before. Be sure to cover the toe completely.

Then, do the same to the back side.

When you are done get the scissors and cut the tape that is hanging off the toe. You will see the out line of the toe, just trim around it, don't cut the stick.

If you have wax, cover the whole stick with it, backside, frontside, and the bottom so it's nice and sticky.

Then your stick will look like this.

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