How to cook fish & chips (easy peasy, fun!)

How to cook fish & chips (easy peasy, fun!)

For today's lunch I used tilapia. Be sure to rinse your fish thoroughly!

We also used store-bought steak cut fries. Follow cooking directions on package.

Cut your fish into bite sized pieces. This will make it a finger food. Perfect for an appetizer!

Mix the flour and preferred seasonings in Ziploc bag

Close, shake & mix well!

Place your fish in the bag, close it and shake until fish is completely coated. Place in a completely dry bowl. Getting the fish wet may cause your oil to pop when it is frying.

Heat your oil.

Test your oil by dropping a small piece of seasoned flour into pot. If it begins to bubble and cook, it is time

Cook fish nuggets for about 1 minute. Fish doesn't take long to cook so try a small piece to see how long im you will need to cook.

Place a paper towel over your plate to allow the oil to drain. Place your fish here after frying, allow it to cool a little here.

Check those babies out

Serve with fries and mandarin oranges for a sweet touch to a crispy lunch!

Watch the video: Fish And Chips Recipe Video (October 2021).