How to make glass jar soap dispensers

How to make glass jar soap dispensers

It’s easy to make glass jar soap dispensers. First save the jars you want to use and clean them thoroughly. Getting the labels off might be the most difficult part. We soaked ours in soapy water.

Drill a hole in the top of your jar lid. Use a large drill bit size for this and one intended for use on metal.

Once you’re drilled the lid you’ll want to extend the hole so that your soap dispenser pump fits through. Use your metal pliers to stretch the size of the hole for this.

Secure the pump to the lid hole with silicone adhesive. This will keep the pump in place and also prevent the lid metal from rusting.

Allow for the silicone to dry and fill your glass jar with soap. Repeat for how ever many soap dispensers you wish to make. More tutorials at

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