How to cook liver for your dog

How to cook liver for your dog

Oven at 250F

Liver is an excellent source of B vitamins, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K. It is also a great source of iron. Warning: Too much liver may be toxic to dogs because of its high vitamin A content.

Place the liver in a parchment lined pan. I sprinkle it with some dry herbs because I just can't seem to cook food without adding spices to it.

Cover with tinfoil and pop er in the oven. The tinfoil helps keep the liver from drying out too much and keeps a hard dry skin from forming

About 15 minutes in, remove the tinfoil and cook another 5-10 minutes

All cooked up. If your weird like me then you may even find this mildly appetizing and might cut yourself a sample or two.

Pour the juices over some of your dogs favorite dry food for a delicious bowl of doggy cereal

After the liver has cooled down, you can cube it up. If you cut it while it still warm, I find that it gets quite gummy and sticky.

My dog, Enya, loves to show off her food before getting down to business

It is best to limit the amount of liver fed to your dog to not more than 1 g of fresh liver/Kg body weight per day. - See more at:

I stick it all into a ziplock bag ans into the fridge or freezer. Just add a few pieces to your dogs regular meals. You'll be thanked by lovely smelling soggy doggy kisses.

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