How to make meatball stew

How to make meatball stew


Chop medium. Save in a separate bowl.

Chop all medium. Save half of one in a separate dish for meatballs.

Mince half of one onion, save with bell peppers for meatballs. Slice the rest.



Shallot. Mince for meatballs. Save with the minced onion.


Large Pot. Mine is just over 6 quarts.


About 1/2 a cup.

Sliced thin thin.

Put with celery.

Put in bell peppers and sliced onion.


Spice to your liking. Not like you can taste it until it is done. I go by smell.

Add minced shallots onions and bell pepper mixture.

Two whole eggs. I use brown. Any type is fine.

Keep stirring that pot.

When the onions are clearish and softened add celery garlic mixture. Let cook down about 7 minutes more.

Roux. Yes I make my own. It freezes well and you can pull it out anytime you need it.

Add 2 1/2 cups to the pot. Stir often and remove from heat. Pull it off the heat. Stir. Stir.

It will firm up a bit. You can now add your beef broth.

64 oz of beef broth.

Then parsley. Fresh is better. I chopped this finely. Then add.1/2 a bunch.

This temp until it simmers. About 25 minutes. Stir often and make sure you get that bottom of the pot.

Mix your meat now that you have a minute to breath. By hand is how I do it.

Craft 9 huge meatballs. About tennis ball size.

Reached a simmer. Add meatballs.

Gently. Place into stew. Wait for it to return to a simmer. DO NOT STIR. You do not want to break your meatballs up.

After it simmers for five minutes reduce temp.

Let cook for about 20 minutes.

Spoon off the fat and oil.

Fat and oil.


This long.

Boom. Serve on rice.

Watch the video: A guide to making meatball stew (October 2021).