How to make herringbone paint chip art

How to make herringbone paint chip art

My dollar store frame, painted with acrylic craft paint and mod podge because I like things to be shiny!

Stack of paint chips. I had a ton leftover from some quatrefoil paint chip art I made a while back.

Cut two rectangles. They're not normal ones, I forget the actual name. Some geometrical name that I learned in 5th grade but I can't remember that far back.

Trace your rectangles. Beware where the writing is on the color side. I have one paint chip I messed up on (see last photo). Make a few of each side so you have some for each side of the herringbone.

Arrange loosely on your frame to see how many you will need.

Trace the size of your frame on a piece of printer paper. Then line the cutouts and glue em on.

Cut the paper to fit the frame along the line you traced. Place it in your frame and voila. Sit back and enjoy the plethora of compliments your receive after 30 minutes of hard work.

Watch the video: DIY Herringbone Wall Art (October 2021).