How to make a handbag from a placemat

How to make a handbag from a placemat

I created both bags from placemats purchased from a thrift store for only 49 cents. Allow me to how you how it's done!

The placemat for this bag was expensive! I payed $1.29 for it, but I'm worth it. Remember, you can find them dirt cheap at a thrift store and only one is needed.

Fold the two shorter ends together and simply use your glue gun to glue both sides together. Alternately, a sewing machine can definitely be used to sew the sides. I'm just taking the easy route.

Please do not glue the top. You will not be able to place anything in your handbag if you do.

See where we're going with this? You can essentially call this a finished bag, but you are too creative for that....aren't you?

I have not properly added the handles because I simply want to show you the possibilities. Joanne's Fabrics carries a variety of handles and they are located in the jewelry area.

Here is another variation....different handle and a custom fastener. Use your creativity to make your bag special and something that you will be proud to carry.

I hope that enjoyed this guide. I will post another showing how to make a clutch soon.

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