How to properly hide app on ios7

How to properly hide app on ios7

This is a fast and easy way to hide apps like stocks, clock idk any(; app haha xD

(click the picture for full view)

You must have a full home screen, at least one folder in the home screen. AND if you want a folder of the apps you want to hide or just an app at the bottom right. Just as it shows

You hold the app/folder you want to hide, at the same time you double click the home button

Now just go back to home screen. And you can tell that your app/folder is a little bigger than the rest. If not, try it again.

Now it's time to open the folder that you had in the home screen. That you needed to have. As you can see the app/folder you wanted to hide is way bigger now. Next step is to exit that folder

The app/folder you want to hide is waaaayyyy bigger now. All you have to do is press the home button and your done

No worries, to find your hidden apps all you have to do if search the name

If you want your apps back. Just restart it or wait til it has low battery and turns off. All your apps will come back

We'll I hope you guys enjoyed this. Your iPod doesn't need to jail broken neither.

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