How to make detox water

How to make detox water

Information: CUCUMBER are used for flushing out toxins in the kidneys and liver. LEMON and LIMES will ease stomach pains, constipation and heartburn. MINT leaves add flavor and helps digestive tract.

Gather the supplies; water, orange, lime, lemon, mint leaves, and cucumber. Also a knife and a cutting board to chop the produce and the water container to fill.

Rinse the mint, orange, lemon, lime, and cucumber.

Chop the cucumber about a 1/5 of an inch thick. Lemon, lime, and oranges are cut as wedges.

Then fill all the ingredients in the water container. Let it sit in the fridge for about 4 hours. I usually do it overnight to let it saturate.

Finally you can drink the detoxifying water. Drink just about 8-12 ounces a day in the morning. Enjoy! Like comment and share!

Watch the video: How to make infused water. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (October 2021).