How to cook chicken noodle soup

How to cook chicken noodle soup

Cut of the ends of the celery and add it to the bottom of the stock pot.

Peal of the skin. Cut the ends off the carrots and cut in half and place in the stock pot.

Skin, cut off the ends and cut in half. Then place in the bottom of the stock pot. The vegetables on the bottom of the pit will help keep the chicken from burning.

Add the chicken to the stock pot. The chicken does not have to be thawed.

Peel the onion and cut in half. Then cut of the top of the bell pepper and take out the seeds, cut it in half and place booth the onion and bell pepper in the stock pot.

In a small peace of cheese cloth add the time, basil, oregano, and bay leaf. Then fill the stock pot full of water. And add the spice sack to the pot. Add some garlic to the pot.

Cook the chicken for 4 hours. Test the doneness of the chicken to see if you can pull a leg off of the chicken with very little effort. If it does not fall off cook until it does.

Once the chicken is cooked pull it out of the stock pot and let cool. De bone and remove the skin. Make sure to remove the vegetables from the pot and discard. The vestibules are to soft for me.

Place a colander in a bowl. Then line the colander with cheese cloth.

Pour the chicken broth into the two bowls. This pulls out all of the extra garlic and any sediment.

If you like you can place some of the broth in ice trays and freeze it. I did 3 ice trays. This way you have broth for some soup another time or for a recipe.

Rinse out the stock pot and put the broth back in it. Pull apart the chicken breasts into small strips and add it to the chicken broth. Save the rest of the chicken.

Peel and cut up two carrots into disk shapes. Add them in to the stock pot. You can add celery or any other veggie you would like to the soup.

In a separate pot add water and bring to a boil. Don't forget to salt the water.

Once the water is at a boil add the pasta.

Cook the pasta till al dente.

Add slat and pepper to the stock pot and bring to a boil.

If your stock is to strong you can add some of the pasta water to it to thin it. Add the pasta to the bowl not to the pot otherwise it will become over cooked. Then add some of the chicken and broth

Enjoy :-)

Watch the video: Recipe: The Perfect Chicken Soup. The Jewish Chronicle (October 2021).