How to make a ninja star out of sticky notes

How to make a ninja star out of sticky notes

First you need to have 8 sticky notes. I will use different colors so it is pretty and it is easy to tell them apart.

Put the sticky part on the right side and fold it like this.

Unfold it and it looks like this

Do it again, unfold it, and you should have two lines crossong each other.

Put the sticky part on top and fold it to the middle where it would stick.

Fold it in half and unfold.

Turn it on the outside and you should have a triangular shape.

Gently and slowly push it in with your finger.

Crease it and it should look like this. Create 7 more of these.

Put them in a color pattern you want.

Take two of them and let's say yellow is 1 and purple is 2. Put the 2 all the way between the 1st one. Put them together like when you just made them.

Fold the left over paper from number 1 over the 2nd one.

It should look like this. Keep doing this and stop 'till the last one.

The last one is a bit tricky. Put the last one in between the one to your left.

You have to make sure nothing comes apart when you put this together. If it does, fix it real quick. Do the same thing you did with the others.

When you are done, it should look like this.

Gently slide it in and it transforms. .

Into a Ninja star! Hope you like it!

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