How to make chocolate bon bons

How to make chocolate bon bons

Gather supplies needed to make brownies

Follow steps on brownies except where it says add egg add the almond butter instead and add Andes mints... I didn't have an egg so I assumed I could substitute almond butter

Once cooked and cooled you'll notice the brownies are hard... And not appealing to eat. I guess you can't substitute almond butter for eggs.. Oh well

Once brownies have completely cooled crush them up into crumbs using a blender, your hands, etc

Gather creme cheese and chocolate

Add 4oz/half the container of creme cheese to crushed brownie. Mix well with hands until you no longer see the creme cheese... Plan on getting your hands dirty for a few mins

Break into pieces and roll into balls. Place in fridge for 15 mins

Mine stayed in the fridge for a few hours as I enjoyed the $2.50 special

Once chilled dip into melted chocolate

Once all dipped sprinkle a little sea salt to the tips to garnish, then put back in fridge for 30 mins to harden

EnjoyPs: they pair very well with a glass (or few) of red wine

Watch the video: How to make Chocolate Bonbons (October 2021).