How to make coffee granita (a super quick coffee dessert)

How to make coffee granita (a super quick coffee dessert)

Start by making a lot of strong espresso

Pour your espresso over some sugar in a pan and stir over a low heat

Add a few tablespoons of a coffee liqueur like this Kahlua and stir until sugar is dissolved and coffee is gently simmering (don't allow to boil)

Using a ladle, put the mixture into a long shallow bowl or bowls that have been in the freezer a while

Pop bowl or bowls into the freezer for between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how quick your freezer gets the coffee looking like the next step

When crystals start to form, mix around with a fork and then put back in the freezer

Repeat several times. Each time your crystals will become larger and more solid as this picture shows

When your coffee gets to look pale like this and there's no liquid at all left you're ready to serve

Whip up some cream with the seeds of a vanilla pod or, if you don't have any vanilla like I didn't, add some sugar in while whipping

Layer in a glass the frozen coffee flakes with the sweetened or vanilla cream and enjoy! Serves 4 to 8 coffee lovers.

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