How to make fresh apple and carrot power juice!

How to make fresh apple and carrot power juice!

Assemble the fruit and veg you need for your juice. As far as possible, get fresh ORGANIC produce!! Free of pesky chemicals and GM-free!

Chop up into pieces that will fit into your juicer. The Oscar neck is narrow so it's slim slices for me!

I cannot emphasize the importance of organic enough! My lemons are hand picked, by me, out of our garden! Blissful indulgence! Having done a medical science degree, I am super careful of what goes in!

The heavenly Oscar juicer! My babyit is a worthwhile investment, but any strong, quality juicer will work.

Pop the sliced fruit/veg into the neck and gently press it down so that it reaches the spiraling mechanism.

I put the ingredients in in any order. But I ALWAYS add lemon! Not only does it have alkalinising properties but it really helps the taste! It's one of my favorite fruit!!!

Just to emphasize - use lemon!! It does wonders to cleanse my digestive system! Once all the ingredients are through, you'll have a concentrated dose of delicious health!!

Add water (50:50 ratio so add as much water as there is juice) and a drink as soon as possible! The longer you wait, the more it oxidizes (that means it loses those lovely nutrients!) mmmmmm!! Enjoy!

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